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  1. Thanos

    Your entire "circle" breaks up at "Humans can`t win the map. Result? Good players get mad and leave", no that's not what will happen, what happens is that the map will be changed and everybody will continue to have fun in other maps. 99% of players don't give a *hit about what map is currently playing, they are here for fun. Your behaviour is the reason why no more players will play on this server, in a thread about why an unjustified kick was made, you are also coming to make a threat? I am not playing here so that other people control me, and hell, all I did was to stand at that location, nothing more or less. No problem, I have played on this server for countless hours, and the entire server knows me, even today in the mornings I was asking about VIP subscriptions as I was wanting to buy one. But I see this is how you treat your players here, no problem and I have no issue, this is the last time I play on this server, and I'll never come back to you with anything again. Enjoy your server, full of good players.
  2. Thanos

    Since when "running and not defending" = gives a kick in server? Half the other players also don't defend, why didn't you kick them too? My custom skin is not an excuse (should I remove it? lol), mario had the leader tag and everybody was saying "don't stay on the platform you'll die".. You said they are noobs so why are you blaming me for their death? As I said, each time even when I am not playing humans, people die there, but you didn't kick any of them or did any action. I don't need to follow other players orders especially when I know the map and can save myself. If you are kicking people for not shooting the zombies all the time then you are ruining the fun. Don't kick people because you don't like how they play!
  3. Thanos

    I asked "Why did I get kicked"? And he's the one who answered, and wrote "for trolling". That's why I said it was him. Otherwise who kicked me?
  4. Thanos

    Hello, I'll keep this one short. In Misaka map, first level, there's an area where if you stand, some sort of laser will come and kill you in few seconds so you have to stand in the middle instead of standing on the platform to avoid dying. What I did was that I keep jumping on that area, paint a graffiti on the wall and then before the last few seconds, I go back to the middle to avoid dying. The admin (or mod?) M4R1021 (Mario), kicked me from the server because of this. He said "I am trolling", although I didn't tell anybody to follow me, neither in chat nor in voice. Every round there are people who die there all the time, but I am the only one got kicked for literally just standing in that position. If people die there then how is this my fault or has anything to do with me? And as I said, people always die on that platform each round, so why kick? This moderator used his privileges to have a fun kick on me, and I want to see that reported. Thanks.
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